Guszti Eben

Can Robots Stop Deforestation?


In this episode we talk about evolutionary robotics. Evolutionary robotics is a new approach to artificial intelligence. Standard artificial intelligence designs solutions for small problems, such as playing chess games. The problem with robots designed in this way is that they will not be able to live a human-like life, solving many problems simultaneously. This is where evolutionary robotics comes in: it lets evolution design robots that are perfectly adapted to a certain environment. For this reason, evolutionary robotics can produce robots for applications where standard robotics is not able to find solutions. Think of robots for seabed mining, robots keeping an eye out in rainforests and robots cleaning old nuclear power plants. Follow us on our journey this episode to discover how evolution can be implemented in robots. Explore the implications of evolutionary robots, because if evolution created life, do we create artificial life with artificial evolution? On the way, enjoy songs such as Seu Jorge’s “Life on Mars” (yes, a cover of David Bowie!) while we explore the options of a robot evolution on Mars.

— Tracklist —
1. Caribou - Dundas, Ontario
2. I Robot - The Alan Parsons Project
3. Shinichiro Yokota - Right Here! Right Now!
4. Die Roboter - Kraftwerk
5. Daniel Grau - Robot Mágico (Daniel Wang Remix)
6. Whodamanny - Dancing Ritual
7. Seu Jorge - Life On Mars?
8. Sign Libra - Intro / Tropical Plantarum
9. Larry Heard - Evolution Of Mind
10. Harvey Sutherand - New Paradise
11. Louie Vega - Elements Of Life
12. Sono - Keep Control (ARTBAT Remix)