Must Discuss: Relativity of Time 


We present to you: our new format Must Discuss! In Must Discuss, we open up a discussion about the most pressing questions in science! We invite a group of students and researchers from different disciplines to shed their light on a subject from their point of view.

We must discuss: Time. Chances are that you think that time in the universe passes at the same rate for everyone and that there is an absolute past, present and future. However, according to modern physics, this common picture of time is not correct. Special relativity theory, for example, tells us that moving clocks tick slower! We will talk about the consequences of relativity theory for our conception of time and about more puzzling questions related to time, such as: Can we change the direction of time? Is time travel really possible? We will discuss these questions with Grace Shao, a Philosophy Master student, Hidde Fokkema, who completed a Bachelors in Physics, and Sean Gryb, PhD-student in Philosophy of Physics.

— Tracklist —
1. River Moon - Mango
2. A Vision of Panorama - Time Capsule
3. Patrick Cowley - The Runner
4. BADBADNOTGOOD - Time Moves Slow
5. Ernest Ranglin - Surfin’
6. Ranil - Las Oladas
7. Eddy La Viny - Havan’ Hamac
8. Abdou El Omari - Alghoroub
9. Joe Pass - A Time For Us
10. Hotaru - Au Paradis
11. João Donato - Chorou, Chorou